This site is dedicated to, and exclusively for former members of the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron and its predecessors. The site originates from the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Camp New Amsterdam, NL Facebook Page started by its founding principal Stephen Isaacks. The main objective of this site is to be people oriented. This site will be referred to as “the 32ndTFS Web Site”. Membership is organized into two sections:

  1. Members are former 32nd Wolfhounds and people who have been affiliated with the squadron from its constitution as the 32nd Pursuit Squadron in 1940 up to and including the 32nd Air Operations group that was inactivated on 1 November 2005. The squadron is referred to as the 32nd. These members are referred to as “Wolfhounds”, as the “32nd TFS Wolfhound Alumni”, or “32nd TFS Alumni”.
    Criteria for membership are:
    • USAF service with the 32nd TFS
    • first degree relatives and dependents of members who served in the 32 TFS
    • prior NATO service with the 32nd TFS or RNLAF Soesterberg Wing
    • others recommended by at least three 32nd TFS Alumni and approved by the executive board ( to be established)
    • a completed membership application form
    Membership benefits:
    • access to the complete 32ndTFS Web Site including
    • 32nd TFS Roster (Password protected)
    • Possible registration for participation in 32nd TFS reunions.
  2.  Non-members are:
    • Family members and spouses of 32nd TFS Alumni other than first degree relatives and dependents
    • History buffs
    • A/C spotters and Aviation Photographers of the 32 TFS
    Non-member have:
    • Access to the 32nd TFS general Web Site and the 32nd TFS FaceBook Page
    • Access to the 32nd TFS Bx-Web Shop