Date: Type SerialEvent
16-12-41 P-39D 41-6919 Lt. Michael damaged the a/c unknown if beyond repair or not.
10-01-42 P-39D41-6914Lt Mc Kenna made a crash landing at Losey Field
11-01-42 P-39D 41-6852Lt Doherty crashed into the see. Pilot missing (may have been a 23rd PS pilot though)
18-01-42 P-39D 41-6849Lt. Lubner taxiing accident. a/c damaged
20-01-42 AT-6A 41-2133Lt. Frost parked an AT-6 on his back
02-02-42 P-36A 38-0112 Lt. Johnston damaged a/c while taxiing
04-02-42 P-36A 38-0141 Lt. O’neal damaged P-36 while landing a/c wo
04-02-42 P-36A 38-0123 Lt. Hopper damaged P-36 while landing a/c/ wo
11-02-42 P-40C unknownLt Gwehr damaged left wing and landing gear
24-02-42 P-39D41-6921Lost wing inflight and crashed pilot Lt. Leonard W. Carter
25-02-42P-39D 41-6882 landing gear collapsed at Hato Lt. Jefferies
16-05-43 P-39K 42-4265 crashed on Hato left landing gear collapsed Lt. Raymond L. Parker
05-06-43 P-39D 41-6840 Belly landing at Hato. A/c damaged Lt. Gerard F. Cavanagh
02-07-43 P-39D41-6914Crashed at Ha to cause d by rain a/c w o, pilot unhu rt.
21-07-43P-39D 41-6862Crashed at Hato 1st Lt. Henri J.S. Carbonell killed, a/c wo, pilot Lt. James Epskamp unhurt.
12-08-43 P-39Q42-19637Collision on ground at Hato, caused by malfunction of brake
05-09-43 P-39 unknowncrashed on take-off from Hato, engine trouble, pilot unhurt a/c damaged
21-12-43 P-39 42-18861crashed at sea, 5 miles west of North Cape Aruba , 2nd Lt. Borrom Ellsworth killed
07-04-44 P-39Q 42-20912 3rd Lt. Louis A Sosin caused by pilot error
09-10-44 P-39Q 42-19647 3rd Lt Jack Peters midair collision with 1st Lt. Ruud R. Brill P-39Q 44-3524
16-10-44 P-39Q 44-3539 Maj Melville H. Boulter midair collision with Cpt. Robert B Koster in P-39Q 44-3526
13-12-44 P-39Q 42-20880 Lt. Warren Maxon dit not return from a mission and was reported missing
27-12-44 P-39Q 42-19657 3rd Lt. Hartwell T. Bressler flying acc.
27-12-44 P-39Q 42-19659 2nd Lt David A Dozier Flying accident
28-12-44 P-39Q 42-19657 lost contact with rest of mission in the vicinity of Madden Dam both and P-39Q
42-19659 pilots Lt. David A Dozier and Lt. Hartwell T. Bressler reported missing
31-12-44 P-39Q 42-20403Pilot Lt. Edward Doran got engine problems and was forced to land at sea
Rescued by local fishermen
30-03-45 P-39Q 44-3860 Lt. George A McClung lost contact with rest of flight and was reported missing
21-04-45 C-45E43-35852crashed while searching a missing aircraft and pilot of the 51st Fighter Squadron
12-10-45 P-38L 44-26788midair collision with P-38 serial 44-26842, a/c lost tail boom pilot unhurt. a/c wo.
01-10-56 F-100C 54-1988 Crashed during training mission. Lt. Rezk H. Mohamed ejected safely
20-11-56 F-100C 54-1965Crashed while landing without hydraulics Capt. David R. Scott unhurt
28-05-57 F-100C 54-1923 Crashed at Soesterberg during landing pilot 1st Lt. Alan N. Rae killed
23-07-57 F-100C 54-2029 Crashed at Soesterberg during landing pilot survived
03-08-57F-100C 54-1952 Engine problems on take-off at Wheelus A B, pilot unhurt
15-08-57F-100C 54-1939 Engine problems on take-off at Wheelus AB pilot David H. Clegg unhurt
18-10-57 F-100C 54-1938 Lt. Rezk H. Mohamed ejected above North Sea
14-11-57 F-100C 54-2016 Lt. Rezk H. Mohamed ejected above Bussum after a/c caught fire
26-03-58 T-33A Crashed during a night training mission from Nouasseur AB, French Morroco,
IP (Instructor pilot)Capt. Glenn L. Wallin was killed while trainee 2 Lt. Richard Bolstad ejected insert serial #51-8974

03-12-58 F-100C 54-1861
Ran out of fuel while from en route from Soesterberg AB to Wheelus AB.
Pilot Capt. Harry Higgins ejected safely
03-12-58 F-100C 54-1865 Ran out of fuel while en route from Soesterberg AB to Wheelus AB. Libya
Pilot Capt. Donald Brandy ejected safely.
25-09-61 F-102A 56-1021 Crashed nea r Nieuwkoop, NL. During a training mission, pilot 1 Lt. James Martin ejected
12-12-62 F-102A 56-0973 Crashed during night training mission near “Dumoulin Barracks” Soesterberg ,
pilot 1 Lt. Clement Henderson ejected safely.
02-08-66 F-102A 56-1029 Destroyed during a fire in the “Zulu-alert” QRA hangar
14-11-69 F-4E 68-0421 Crashed during training mission at Aviano AB, pilot Capt. John Rabeni and
wso Maj. Donald Bowie ejected.
21-06-71 F-4E 68-0433 Crashed near the town of Maurik, the Netherlands
both the pilot Capt. Ted Sweeting and the wso Capt. David Rice killed
15-09-75 F-4E 69-0266 Crashed during take-off from Wittmundhafen Air base Germany,
both the pilot 1Lt. TB Lorincz and wso capt. Ron Maull ejected.
29-08-77 F-4E 74-1051 Crashed it Sea near Terschelling island, Netherlands due to a Hydraulics problem , (Netherlands),
Both the pilot Capt. Mickey Johnston and wso 1Lt Patrick Pondrom killed.

25-04-1990F-15C81-0049Engine fire due to hydraulics problem piloted by Maj. Bull Hulsey ejected safely a/c
written off.